Dear little Meagan,


After 30 hours of labor, followed by a C-section, you took your first breath.

You were born on July 5th, 2009 - 3 days before your due date.

Your mom, My Ngoc, is one of the coolest friends whom I love the most in this world.

She just couldn't wait to send us your first picture from her Blackberry.



IMG000061st PIC.jpg 




Do you know that your mom and I go way back to high school? (yup, in the early 90s)

She kicked everyone's ass in class (sorry ~ "butt", I mean) -

being the only one who used overhead slides to do her presentations.

Yes.. overhead slides! Back then, there were no fancy Power Point.

So as you can see, she was considered pretty HIGH TECH. 

I knew then your mother was destined to be a superwoman.







.. And one day, a beautiful mother.

You can see from her eyes that she already loves you so deeply, even before you were born.

And looking at your picture for the first time, I smiled.

You are sound asleep, so peaceful.

Silent.  No worries in the world.








Life is beautiful, and it is only the beginning for you...

The first colors you see

Your first dream

First word

First step







Yes... open your eyes.

There are so many things to see, to absorb.


Before you know it, you are already walking.. maybe stumble at times, but that's ok.

Because we all do, no matter how old we are.







Time will fly by,

You will have your first cavity (good things are always hard to resist - but, be good and brush your teeth before going to bed).

Your first bike ride (keep trying and trying, your mom won't let go till you're ready).

Your first crush (boys in elementary school might seem mean to you, but trust me, deep down inside, they really do like you).

Your first pimple (don't worry, your mommy and I both had them.  They go away).







Your first time using an Always pad (you'll then know how your mom felt like, the first time she tried putting diapers on you).

Your first heart break (ohhh sweetie, I know, it will hurt like crazy, but the pain will go away.............. I promise).

Your first time driving a car (... just stay off the sidewalks, then you'll be fine).

... You will have many "first times" for everything.







I know... isn't it fun?

There are no perfect equations - that's why they are so special.

And they are all yours to discover.






I haven't figured out everything yet, in my 30 years of living.

Life, I think, is a school that never stops teaching us.

So remember to have a humble heart.  And keep feeding your curiosity and thirst for learning.

Here are 5 little things I learned, that might be helpful to you someday:


1. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

2. Really, be yourself.  It's the only way to go.

3. Love life as if you're madly in love, and everything it has to offer.

4. Dare to dream and always follow your passions.

5. Appreciate your family - they're simply the best.






Little Meagan, life might not always be a fairy tale.

But all the good and bad, mixed together, only makes life sweeter.

I know you will be a smart, tough cookie.

Cuz you'll learn from the best, your mother.

(Give her a big hug for me, will yah?  And tell her, I miss her terribly)




Auntie Fanny






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