Hands ready on the keyboard,

Thoughts and images run fiercely across my mind.

However, nothing. 

No words are typed.

Single letters are born, then deleted at once .


I sense restlessness.




I can't piece together these emotions.

Or perhaps I am broken.

Have I become a stranger to myself?

Or to the faith

I desperately try to protect..




Why does it ache

When the road has never been clearer..

But shatters all innocence.




Cynical have I become

Like one of them

Wise, Grown-Ups call it

But betrayed I feel

By whom I call -





Does the heart thicken

With soundproof walls




Does it lose memory

Of what feels real




Will it still cry

When we all become numb





Our playground has lost simplicity

Where hide-and-seek

Has become the never-ending game --------





I miss those trees I carved with names

And the boys back then

Or the time before we all learned to lie

For the good or the bad.

Before we all became hypocrites,

Or Masters of selective hearing,

- Or "seeing"

Of what is "important"

Or for ruling out the "unecessary."

What is [ n-e-c-e-s-s-a-r-y ] ?





What was once the land of lollypops

Is now abused with sugar coated words,

And filled with mouthfuls of

Dark cavities.






I hope --

Out there,  You still exist.






Until I find you again,

I will try not to get lost along the way --



Just remember my name,

I shall remember yours.





signed by me,

P.S.  a letter to myself.





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