Hands ready on the keyboard,

Thoughts and images run fiercely across my mind.

However, nothing. 

No words are typed.

Single letters are born, then deleted at once .


I sense restlessness.




I can't piece together these emotions.

Or perhaps I am broken.

Have I become a stranger to myself?

Or to the faith

I desperately try to protect..




Why does it ache

When the road has never been clearer..

But shatters all innocence.




Cynical have I become

Like one of them

Wise, Grown-Ups call it

But betrayed I feel

By whom I call -





Does the heart thicken

With soundproof walls




Does it lose memory

Of what feels real




Will it still cry

When we all become numb





Our playground has lost simplicity

Where hide-and-seek

Has become the never-ending game --------





I miss those trees I carved with names

And the boys back then

Or the time before we all learned to lie

For the good or the bad.

Before we all became hypocrites,

Or Masters of selective hearing,

- Or "seeing"

Of what is "important"

Or for ruling out the "unecessary."

What is [ n-e-c-e-s-s-a-r-y ] ?





What was once the land of lollypops

Is now abused with sugar coated words,

And filled with mouthfuls of

Dark cavities.






I hope --

Out there,  You still exist.






Until I find you again,

I will try not to get lost along the way --



Just remember my name,

I shall remember yours.





signed by me,

P.S.  a letter to myself.





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  • lsc649
  • 我製能支持..因為我全看不懂
  • 最近... 感覺有一點慢慢失去自己的一部分....
    因為長大了? 因為東西看得更清楚了...?


    cachecache 於 2010/03/17 02:18 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • prabang59
  • La vie est fait de haut et de bas , il est ainsi ...
    et c'est d'un combat continuel,elle peut être simple comme dure!
    Quand les efforts n'arrangent pas les chose, l'optimisme a toujours triomphée!!
    courage! mon amie !!
  • merci mon ami. Tes mots m'apportent toujours beaucoup de comfort et de courage. Merci enormement :) La vie continue surement avec une eternite de hauts et de bas... mais ce que j'ai peur, je pense, c'est de me perdre durant ce parcours. Le monde des "adultes" n'est pas facile... Le visage et le coeur de l'homme ne sont plus pareils... Et pour y survivre, on se masque, on se change, et on s'integre. J'espere de pouvoir garder a la fin ce qui est reelle en moi...

    Oui, il faut rester optimiste. Car la Vie continue. Et elle est si belle.
    Merci cher ami!


    cachecache 於 2010/03/17 02:26 回覆

  • prabang59
  • le monde "des adultes" comme tu le cite,est pleine d'égoïste, a vouloire sans arrêt et demande toujours plus!

    Pourquoi ne pas vivre et être heureux hamonnieux avec soi!
    Et simplement être soi même en écoutant son coeur!!

    je suis avec toi ! Courage!
  • hahhaa, oui, c'est vrai. De vivre en harmonie avec soi, et de garder ce qui est "inne" en soi... c'est ce que je desire. J'espere de toujours pouvoir ecouter mon coeur, et de reconnaitre ma voix. Merci a toi, pour tes mots, ton amitie, et ton support ~~~ un GROS GROS merci.

    Je te souhaite aussi beaucoup de bonheur!

    Fanny :)

    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 23:10 回覆

  • louker
  • 嗯~~~~~
  • 很謝謝大家的關心~~~
    我覺得有時我也太天真了, 這個"天真"是好是壞 ~ 沒有對或是不對.
    但是這個平衡點, 希望可以永遠保留.

    Fanny :)

    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 23:26 回覆

  • EdenChang
  • "I had an experience. I can't prove it, I can't even explain it,
    but everything that I know as a human being,
    everything that I am tells me that it was real.
    I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever."
    ...said Jodie Foster in the sci-fi film "Contact".

    I would like to share these lines with you. :-)
  • Thank you so much for this quote from the movie.
    I remember that line.... and it's so interesting that you share this with me, at this specific point in time. I really appreciate these words.

    I can't prove it, nor explain it either... But the human being that I am, tells me that the voice within me is real, and worth cherishing. And it is as concrete as the rainbow we see in the sky, or the dreams we encounter at night. That is what made the person who I am today. Although the world around me keeps spinning, or constantly changes its faces, I shall remain "Intact."

    Thank you Eden ~

    Fanny :)

    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 23:33 回覆

  • gerggg2
  • 小小的水滴順著河流




  • 哇 ~~~~~~

    突然心裡很溫暖.... 謝謝你, 朋友 :)

    也希望在大海裡, 可以找到我的方向~~ (好像剛剛看到你在我前面游過去喔~~ ㄎㄎ)


    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 23:34 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Alina
  • 覺得你真是個性情中人^^
  • ㄏㄏㄏ

    我是個愛哭的小朋友啦~~~~ ㄎㄎ

    Fanny :)

    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 23:21 回覆

  • bluewhale06
  • Hey , girl!
    cheer up!!~^0^~
    you can be whatever you want to be!
    don't be so depressed, everyhing will be all right!
  • hey girl! hahhahha
    Thanks, your words always bring a smile to my face!
    Yah... I'm sure it's just a phase. Taking everything in, and slowly digesting it all. But yes, like you said, everything will be alright!

    Thank you for your cheerful words ~ big HUGS for you!
    Good nite and sweet dreams ;)


    cachecache 於 2010/03/18 22:42 回覆

  • 小音
  • 快樂的微笑是保持生命康健的唯一藥石,它的價值千萬,卻不要花費一文錢
  • zoeblog
  • Thanks Fanny, I got you and already sent you a request. Very nice writing on this post. I totally identify with what you wrote. I guess we're born the same generation with similar backgrounds so our thoughts can be close like that. Just to believe... No matter how the world is like, and like I believe it's always in the form of chaos (a theory though), if we can be comfortable with ourselves, that's the key. I think in Chinese there's a great sentence to express that idea: 無論這世界如何混沌無常 我只求一個安然自在
    See you soon!
    Zoe. C
  • warren9901
  • 自從聯考後,就沒這認真查字典了。


    "Joy often comes after sorrow, like morning after night"